Colva Life Settlement Pricing Services

Colva Insurance Services is pleased to announce the official launch of its Colva Actuarial Pricing Services for life settlement providers and investors alike.

The Colva Actuarial Pricing Model is a life settlement pricing model that determines the value of a life settlement policy by determining the minimum premiums to pay for the policy and then uses a variety of mortality assumptions and risk analytics to measure the risk and value of the investment. Life settlement providers generally license the MAPs model and then run individual cases by themselves. However the annual licensing fee is expensive and the amount of time required to run cases can be extensive. At Colva we license you the model and run cases for you.

Colva’s pricing models value policies in a very similar way that MAPs does. As a result, our policy valuations are usually within 1-3% of the MAPs valuation. By utilizing Colva’s life settlement pricing services our clients get the same analytics run by an experienced team of users. A sample policy valuation comparison between MAPs and Colva can be found below:


Colva’s Actuarial Pricing Models were designed and built using its management teams firsthand experience in working on pricing groups for a large life insurance company that designed these types of policies as well as helping to manage and evaluate a $4 billion life settlement portfolio. This experience allows the Colva Actuarial Pricing Models to help its users to extract the maximum value possible.

  • Click here or on the image below for a sample output template that you would receive with complete valuation results, premium schedules, and summary outputs and inputs.


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