• Policy reviews
  • Premium Finance
  • Premium Minimization
  • Liquidation and expense avoidance
  • ILIT consulting/trustee management
  • Life settlement market valuation and advisory services
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  • Help investment groups deploy capital efficiently in the market
  • Identify undervalued policies and minimize premiums on them
  • Portfolio and individual pricing and valuation
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About Colva

Colva is a life insurance, annuity, and life settlement actuarial consulting firm that acts as fiduciaries for our clients. What this means is that we use our life insurance and actuarial expertise to explain to our clients how these products work and how to structure them so that they get the most value out of them.

Since we’re a fee only consulting company—and do not sell or make commissions on these products—we can offer our clients both unparalleled and unbiased actuarial guidance that best serves their interests. Whether you’re a multi-billion dollar investment group or a just a high net-worth individual, we provide you with the same high level of actuarial analysis. Life insurance and annuity products can offer clients great value.Unfortunately many life insurance and annuity agents try to sell clients products that maximize the agent’s commissions at the expense of the client’s best interests.

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Colva’s Ideal Clients

  • Private Wealth Management Community
  • Elder Care Community
  • Life Settlement Investors

Private Wealth Management Community

Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) Firms, Investment Advisor Representatives (IAR), no-fee financial planners, family offices, and other financial planners need qualified and trusted life insurance and annuity advisors that act as fiduciaries and put their clients’ interests first. Colva has the actuarial and product expertise to do this.

Elder Care Community

Elder care lawyers, estate planners, assisted living facilities, and home health care companies all have clients who have increasing health care expenses as they get older but limited needs to pay them. We want to educate these communities about how their patients can use their life insurance policies to pay for any medical and other expenses that they have through the use of life settlements (selling their life insurance policy).

Life Settlement Investors

Institutional investors, capital groups and private equity groups interested in earning their investors a net 11%-13% diversified return that is not correlated to traditional equity markets can benefit from Colva’s specialized actuarial and product expertise in the life settlement market.

Minimize Expenses, Maximize Returns

You wouldn’t think of spending hundreds of thousands or millions on a home investment without having a qualified unbiased representative evaluate its market value and protect your investment would you? So why would you invest this amount of money into a life insurance or annuity product without doing so?

Why Colva

Life insurance and annuity products can offer clients great value. Unfortunately, these products are also complicated and difficult to understand. On top of that, many life insurance and annuity agents try to sell clients products that maximize the agent’s commissions at the expense of the client’s best interests.

How Colva

At Colva we use our actuarialexpertise in having priced these products for a major life insurance carrier to explain to our clients exactly how they work and what the keys are to minimize the premium they pay for the policy while also maximizing their returns.

Who Colva

Colva is a fee-only life insurance, annuity, and life settlement actuarial consulting firm that acts as fiduciaries for our clients and doesn’t make commissions from our advice. Unlike most agencies, we actually understand how these products work and how to structure them so that our clients get the most value out of them.

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